Structured data testing tool

To check your structured data, follow the link. Useful code snippets for service organisation Offer – tariff section. Place – addresses of your departments.

Local business – everything about your local department About page – write your company description

Empty symbol for HTML

Sometimes you need just an empty symbol, a space between of code snippets. A simple space is not working always because if you put it between of two code snippets, it won’t be recognised.

HTML special symbols UTF-8 part 2

How can I insert special symbols in HTML code? Find the symbol that you want to put in your HTML page. You can use either the symbol itself  (☁) or its digit code (☁). In case if you are using its digit code, don’t forget…

How to create infographic with a map using Google Spreadsheets

Here you can see a quick and very easy way of creating infographic with different data in Google Spreadsheets.First take some data. I have salaries in different countries in French. Location Salaires Allemagne 16.5 Andorre 10 Autriche 12 Belgique 14.5 Danemark 29.5 Espagne 9.5 Finlande…

HTML special symbols

HTML Symbol Numeric Description Hex CSS (ISO) JS (Octal) SPECIAL CHARACTERS " “ " quotation mark u+0022 ISOnum \0022 \42 # # # number sign u+0023 ISOnum \0023 \43 $ $ $ dollar sign u+0024 ISOnum \0024 \44 % % % percent sign u+0025 ISOnum…