Currency code format | amount insertion in Visualforce email template. Salesforce

How to show different currency format. How to change the amount format. Examples of using different types of formats for currency and amounts.

EUR {!relatedTo.Amount} – is simple to show the amount from Opportunity.

In some cases you will have to use apex:

This parts shows how the amount will look like : ###,###,##0.00

You can add the currency code like here: value=”EUR…  where CHF is a currency code

DON’T forget to put html blank value before <apex:outputText>: to be sure to have a space between the text and the date:

Examples of currency code format in Visualforce email templates. Salesforce.

Example 1:

Will show like: EUR 1,000.00

Example 2:

Will show like: CHF 1 000.00

Example 3:

Will show like: CHF 1 000

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