How to build Visualforce email templates. Personalised emails for clients on Salesforce.

Explanation of a code for Visualforce email template. Simple quote or invoice template with your products attached.
How to build the structure for email body,
How ta make PDF attachments.
How to change subject of your email.
How to insert data from opportunity.
Where to find code snippets for name, amount, product book, quote and etc.
How to make your email personalised for each client.

To use this email template you have to create or replace with the info of your organisation the following fields:

  • Logo__c
  • Company_link_for_website__c
  • Display_Phone__c
  • Display_Email__c

Would you like to receive this template? Please, contact me.
Template without any adjustments : 15EUR
I can make the adjustments of the colours or the fonts: 10EUR
I can help with the installations: 50EUR
I can add more fields or text, if necessary. Depends on the volume.
Link to the template

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